The well-known human rights activist Haitham Al-Maleh is arrested

Posted: 2009/10/15 in أخبار, خبر وتعليق, عشنا وشفنا
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The well-known human rights activist Haitham Al-Maleh is arrested

The well-known human rights activist and lawyer Haitham Al-Maleh was arrested yesterday afternoon by the  Political Security Agency of Damascus.

Mr. Al-Maleh has been the chief of the Human Rights Society, which was established in 2001, for several years.

Haitham Al-Maleh (born in Damascus 1931), has the BA  of Law, started his working as a lawyer in 1957. He became a judge in 1958. The Syrian authorities issued a special law in 1966 by which he was dismissed from his work as a judge, so he restarted working as a lawyer and remained so till now.

He started his political activity in 1951 during the military regime of President Adeeb Al-Shishakly, and was arrested in 1980 – 1986 during the reign of President Hafez Al-Assad along with a big number of unionists, political activists and oppositionists because of his call for constitutional reforms. He’s gone on a hunger strike several times.

He’s been working with Amnesty International since 1989, and he contributed, with others, to establishing The Syrian Society for Human Rights.

It’s believed that the direct reason for his arrest is the interview which Barada Satellite TV Channel made with him one day before this arrest, as the TV channel belongs to Damascus Declaration for National Democratic Change, about human rights and public freedoms in Syria.

  1. Abu Kareem كتب:

    It is sad to see that for an important issue like the story of Haitham el Maleh, how few Syrian bloggers seem to care or dare to comment. Thank you Mohamed for the information.

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