More than a year has passed since the riot in Sednaya Military prison append, tens of prisoners died and the authorities had not provided the families of detainees or the public with the fate of all  prisoners, and had not released any information about the action its forces took against the prisoners. NO investigation have begun about the violence at the prison.

The authority’s strategy about Sednaya massacre has changed suddenly, it seems the Syrian government just decided to end the anguish of the prisoners’ families, and open the visiting to Sednaya Military Jail again.

Today, a year after the massacre, Syrian authorities allowed 70 families to visit their prisoners, and hundreds of Families will do tomorrow.

The Syrian Military Police accepted to give visit permission to the families, while rejected to give to other group and refer them to a meeting with the Military Intelligence Security. It’s clear that the Military Intelligence Security will start to inform the families who lost their relative in the riot. And there is a chance to release died bodies and allow families to bury their relatives.

My mother was one of the families who have visited their relatives today; it’s was her first visit to my brother Omar since a year. He is doing well and glad that I escaped to USA. And my mother seems to be very happy to meet her son after a year of suffering and being scared about his fate.

Nobody understands what have changed in Syria to allow visits to the prison. but I realized that there were radical changes in the security services, and I believe that is the reason.

Whatever the reason is, an investigation must begin about the violence at the prison, about the using of lethal force during the unrest. Somebody must bear responsibility for what happened, and this will be our next fighting aim, Commission of Inquiry, and I hope that the international Human Rights organizations support our cause.

  1. أمنية كتب:

    lak am so happy to hear that ur brother is fine..
    lak mabrook

  2. mahamed كتب:

    I’m glad your brother is well, I hope dearly for his release, but you mentioned before that your father was also in prison what about him?
    Civil society and human rights have a big task to call for commission of inquiry in every international presence and with other human’s rights and the United Nations.
    The other crime which cannot be hidden is the hiding of the fate of these people for more than a year, what are they thinking, they own these lives or what, what a shame.

  3. raye7wmishraj3 كتب:

    thanks for your reply guys.

    Mohammad, thanks for asking about my father.

    he is in another prison. Adra Civilian prison. and he is doing well too and has a weekly visit.

  4. Wael Al-Alwani كتب:

    I’m truly glad to hear such a news.
    I sympathize with you Mohammad and with all the prisoners’ families, and I do not have anything to do as an ordinary Syrian citizen but to pray to God to award you with happiness and tranquility. May the freedom starts drawing its shades on our beloved country very soon. we have to work hard for achieving this.

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