أرشيف لـيوليو, 2009

More than a year has passed since the riot in Sednaya Military prison append, tens of prisoners died and the authorities had not provided the families of detainees or the public with the fate of all  prisoners, and had not released any information about the action its forces took against the prisoners. NO investigation have begun about the violence at the prison.

The authority’s strategy about Sednaya massacre has changed suddenly, it seems the Syrian government just decided to end the anguish of the prisoners’ families, and open the visiting to Sednaya Military Jail again.

Today, a year after the massacre, Syrian authorities allowed 70 families to visit their prisoners, and hundreds of Families will do tomorrow.

The Syrian Military Police accepted to give visit permission to the families, while rejected to give to other group and refer them to a meeting with the Military Intelligence Security. It’s clear that the Military Intelligence Security will start to inform the families who lost their relative in the riot. And there is a chance to release died bodies and allow families to bury their relatives.

My mother was one of the families who have visited their relatives today; it’s was her first visit to my brother Omar since a year. He is doing well and glad that I escaped to USA. And my mother seems to be very happy to meet her son after a year of suffering and being scared about his fate.

Nobody understands what have changed in Syria to allow visits to the prison. but I realized that there were radical changes in the security services, and I believe that is the reason.

Whatever the reason is, an investigation must begin about the violence at the prison, about the using of lethal force during the unrest. Somebody must bear responsibility for what happened, and this will be our next fighting aim, Commission of Inquiry, and I hope that the international Human Rights organizations support our cause.


It was really a surprise… he astonished me. Actually he shocked me. I know this face, very well, I know this smile, which hides 20 million Syrian behind!.  I recognized him…. The Syrian President, Bashar Al-assad.

I saw his face a lot , but it’s the first time to see him on Facebook. Yes ….the Syrian President on Facebook, I think he is new there, since he has only 6 friends, I hope he is not fake. I hope he  accept me as a “friend”.  he might know that I don’t like him. But I do want to talk to him. I want to ask him at first; how he succeeded to bypass the Internet censorship in Syria and access to Facebook (Facebook is blocked in Syria since November 2007). Perhaps  I’m able to help him  by provide  Proxy links if he promised that he will keep it secret. I would like to ask him about hundreds of blocked websites? and why there are tens of prisoners arrested for online comments? and why my blog is bolcked in Syria??

I want to ask him a little bit about Sednaya Military prison riot, what’s happened there, is my brother Omar Al-abdallah (and the 7 students group) still alive?, whose died there, and when he is going to allow prisoners family visiting again (it been a year since the riot with no news about the detainees).

I would like to talk with him also about Damascus Declaration’s group prisoner, (My father and other 11 political prisoners) what does he think about them? and why they are in jail? Why he hates them?. He probably reading news, and knows every one of them.

I would like to discuses the corruptions in the Syrian government with him, I know that He knows every thing, as he is the president, but he may NOT know that his cousin Rami Makhlouf is the biggest thief around the world, and he is stealing the Syrian people’s money.

I want to inform Al-assad about my feeling, as a Syrian living in exile; a “citizen” who can’t visit his home country, or even  see his family.

Mr. President, it’s really hard to be an expatriate (I don’t wish you that).  I want to visit my family,  I would like to stand beside my mother (she is in hospital currently and your Excellency had arrested her husband and her  other son). There are thousands just like me, dreaming of coming back home, visit their families without getting arrested in the airport.

I will ask him lots of questions, about the state security court, why it’s still working? About torture in prisons, how many prisoner died last year, and who’s responsible about their die??

I want to ask him about unemployment for 40% of the Syrian people. I would like to ask him about 20 million miserable Syrian, all their faults that he is the president.