16.01 – Syria: Blog calling for democratic reform inaccessible for one week

A blog run by human rights activist Mohammad al-Abdallah Raye7 w mish RaJ3 (https://raye7wmishraj3.wordpress.com – (I’m leaving and not coming back), has been inaccessible in Syria since 13 January.

The blogger, who has been active for six months, covered subjects in the articles on his blog, seen as “sensitive” by the authorities, particularly those calling for democratic reform. The blog was getting around 500 hits a day.

To get round the official ban, al-Abdallah has created a mirror site which still allows access to the content of his blog: http://rwmr.wordpress.com.

Syria remains one of the world’s most repressive countries in relation to the Internet. The authorities blocked more than 150 websites in 2008 and five bloggers are currently in jail in the country for having expressed themselves online.

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